Our Story


In the middle of the covid19, in ramadan , one fine morning when we all had seriously nothing to do , my little sister Eman, who was just 13 years old back then started insisting me to make up a jewelry page out of nowhere. I had not taken it seriously since the last 15 days since she was saying it. But because I felt too done with doing nothing because of covid. We both started to bring the idea to its meaning.

Hey! This is Mishal Zuhair. Currently 23 years old.A mother of an amazing daughter, wife to the most hardworking and brilliant person : Zuhair, daughter of very courageous father and extraordinary mother who considered their 4 daughters their strength and sister to 3 stunning girls.
So back to the story, we both took literally 5-6 hours to make up the page , get the products , do the photography and woohoo - we sold our 3 products in the first 2 hours of making it. Now we definitely knew that this is working!⚡️
I was really caught up with my BS Computer science degree. I was just in semester 2 with a CGPA of 3.6 that was due to quite hardwork. Ofcourse i didn't want to lose on that too. But i decided not to give up because i had even studied hard because I wanted to make my parents proud because they deserved it so well! So i ran both the things together.
The journey wasn't easy. There were straight 24 hours of work without sleep. I continued with 3-4 hours sleep each night only before waking up to the day where crystal blooms was getting orders back to back and we were becoming a good part of the industry. 2 years passed , all was going well. I was in my 5th semester when my parents found this really amazing person for me: my Husband❤️ we got nikkahfied in the next 4 months. Wallah what a man!❤️👀 when he first time came across my business (that was setup in two of my cupboards in my own room till then) he was like this is something different , i havent seen such a jewelry in Pakistan. And his simple words were " CHALO YAAR ISKO BARHAATAY HAIN" . Yehi time tha and bas phr hum chal pare akhate isko lekr❤️

To hum chal pare the isko sath lekr❤️ we worked too hard to not let the investment drop, within 6 months we took up the inventory to 2000 designs , more than 100 pcs per design. People were loving our work👀 so we worked harder🤩
We got married after 1 year of our nikkah . Par shadi se aik din pehle hum office mai thay and mai university bhi hokar ayi thi😂😂 so we got married , our friends our cousins joined our team after it. We had amazing time working , din and raat dono office mai hi thien. 💕 we were doing something that was for us ❤️

Year later we had our daughter! A beautiful little girl that mean the world to us. 🤩 She is 6 months now! Comes to office with us daily. Me and zuhair are partners, be it life partners or business partners i swear we are rocking it😂 hahah (evil eyes off)
So now we have grown! Grown is our family thats 200K now. We have beautiful team that includes our siblings , our friends that make possible for both of us to take crystal blooms higher and higher.

So now I am a software engineer (cgpa 3.68 somewhat yaar manage ho hi gya😂) and a co-founder of a multimillionaire company. We are expecting our gross sales to reach 150M PKR this season. With daily orders above 100 Alhumdulillah.
We work hard for this everyday and have our everything along with our hearts invested into it!

We thank you all to be a part of this beautiful journey! Lets make wife-husband businesses more common in Pakistan and let our male partners be this supportive! Whatever i have attained, its all because of Allah first of all. Alhumdulillah. And then my father and husband who I knew were always at my back to pick me back up even if i fall several times ❤️